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Which Men Hair Cut Style is Right for You?

If you want a great hair cut style you've have to know the shape of your head. If you've got a good barbor or go to a profesional salon, they will be able to help you select a cut that compliments the shape of your face. It is important that you know yourself, so you can have an idea of what you want before you get your hair cut. Here are some men hair cut style tips according to the shape of your face.

Below are the seven common face shapes and tips for selecting a hairstyle from each. The facial type is determined by the position and prominence of the facial bones. Your haircut can compliment facial shape in much the same way as certain clothes flatter the body. Pick your facial type below (see head shape example pictures on the left sidebar) :

The Oval Face Type

The oval face is generally recognized as the ideal shape. Any hairstyle is suitable. Try changing the part. Experiment - keeping in mind elements such as lifestyle, comfort, and ease of maintenance.

The Round Facial Type

The aim here is to slim the face. Hair that is too short will emphasize fullness. An off-center part and some waves at eye level will help lessen the full appearance. Beards should be styled to make the face appear oval.

The Triangle Facial Type

The potential problems with this face shape are over-wide cheekbones and a very narrow chin. Keep the hair close to the crown and temples and longer and fuller in back. A beard helps to fill out a narrow jaw.

The Square Facial Type

To minimize the angular features at the forehead, use wavy bangs that blend into the temples. This softens the square forehead and draws attention to a strong jaw. If a beard is worn, it should be styled to slenderize the face

The Pear-Shaped Facial Type

The face is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Volume and fullness at the crown and temples are necessary to provide balance. Short, full styles are best, ending just above the jawline. If a beard is worn, it should be trimmed to slenderize the lower jaw.

The Oblong Facial Type

The long face needs to be shortened, the angularity hidden, the hairline never exposed. Blown bangs can provide a solution. A layered cut is best. A mustache helps to shorten a long face.

The Diamond Facial Type

The aim here is to fill out the face at the temples and chin and keep hair close to the head at the widest points. Deep, cull bangs give a broad appearance to the forehead and a one-length cut in back adds with. A full, square, or rounded beard would also be appropriate.