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Spikey Hair - Short Style

360 waves The spikey hair style is an easy, quick and great hair style that makes you look stylish and fresh.  There are two types: the short one (the one we are talking about here) and the long one, often used by punks on extreme Mohawk hair styles. The last one is not so easy and quick by the way...

To achieve this hairstyle, as we have said, the steps are pretty simple:

1. Begin by taking care of your hair.  Clean it with a shampoo, then rinse and tone it by giving it a massage with your fingertips, and finally use a conditioner.  Remember to leave it there for a couple of minutes before washing it off.

2. Dry your hair.  You can either let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer.  Whatever your choice is, be sure to first pat your hair dry.  Don’t rub it!  Patting it won’t damage your hair and actually works better.

3. Brush your hair following the direction it naturally grows.  This step will make it easier to form the spikes.

4. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty!  Grab the styling gel and put a layer on your fingers or if you prefer on your palms.  This layer should be maximum of 2 millimetres – using too much might actually ruin your spikey hair look.

5. Run the gel or other styling product through your hair, and form the spikes with your fingertips. You can help yourself by using the hair dryer at low speed-high heat to hold the spikes.

6. For extra hold, apply hair spray at the end.  It should last all day! – This step is optional.

The styling product of your choice is dependant on your hair type.  People with thin hair will do great with just hair spray, while thick haired people may need matte clay or a strong-hold hair styling gel.

Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly when your day is finished, following the directions on step 1.