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Everyone knows how to shampoo, don't they? Well, there's shampooing and then there's professional shampooing that gets results! First off lets kill a common myth; regular shampooing DOES NOT increase hair loss. In fact the reverse is true! If you don't shampoo regularly your hair follicles clog up with sebum and other nasty stuff - and clogged follicles equal inactive follicles. So as long as you choose the right products, shampooing on a daily basis won't cause you any problems. Here's our suggestions...

- Preparation... If you have very long hair or very curly hair, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair as much as possible prior to wetting.

- Wetting... Before applying shampoo, wet the hair thoroughly using warm water. If the waters too hot it'll increase the release of sebum, if it's too cold the shampoo won't penetrate properly.

- Shampoo... it's not possible to accurately say just how much shampoo you'll need to use, it depends how much hair you've got to wash; but professional shampoo's are more concentrated than supermarket 'off the shelf' ones. So if your moving up to salon shampoo's from the supermarket variety, you're going to need less. Don't expect the professional salon shampoo's to create a mass of 'bubbles' either - this is just a detergent that's no good for your hair and is only put in the 'off the shelf' shampoo's as that what all the marketing men think you want!

- Massaging... make sure the shampoo is applied evenly all over your head, paying attention to the front hairline, nape and around the ears where hair tends to get the dirtiest. Use your fingertips in a firm circular motion all around the scalp and continue for between 1 - 3 minutes.

- Rinsing... firstly, for those of you that wash your hair in the bath, don't expect to get a brilliant shine when you're rinsing in your own dirt! The most common cause of dull hair is inadequate rinsing, so rinse, rinse, rinse - and in clean warm water. Washing your hair in the shower's going to give you the best results.