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What are Natural Hair Care Products?

Natural hair care products are products that are made with mostly natural ingredients.  They take advantage of the properties found in nature and eliminate the risks of using chemical based products on our hair.  The more percentage of natural ingredients found in the composition, the more natural a product is.

This natural hair care frenzy started some years ago with the rediscovery of ancient knowledge.  Since then more people have accepted the fact that heavy use of chemicals actually can damage your hair, and that is better to go natural if possible.

Ingredients used for natural products are varied and abundant, here are some of them: chamomile, nettle, thyme, lavender, grapefruit extract, sea salt, birch leaf, aloe vera, oil leaf, etc, and that just to name a few.  The ingredients depend on the kind of product you have in mind (for example: shampoos, conditioners, dandruff lotions).

The good thing with natural hair care products is that you can use them safely.  You run low to zero risk of any side effect.  Whether chemical based products often have certain reactions and contraindications, and can even leave our hair damaged.

If possible we recommend using natural hair care.  It pays off in the long term, and we have enough natural products to take care of our hair nicely.