Men's Hair Cutting Products

HeadBlade Classic

Price: $ 13.00

product description

One revolutionary razor made for shaving the scalp. How does it work? Simple. Just slip your middle finger through the loop (up to around the second knuckle) making sure the HeadBlade is nested palm-side. Rest the HeadBlade on your scalp (make sure the back 'pad' is always in contact with your scalp). Now take a long smooth stroke using NO pressure. Very good. Welcome to the HeadBlade revolution.

HeadBlade Sport

Price: $ 15.00

product description

HeadBlade Sport brings headshaving to a whole new level. Sure, the S4 kicks ass but it's seventy-five bones and they're only available in limited numbers. The Sport comes standard with wheels AND triple blade technology. Put this thing on your rock and let it roll.

HeadFade Clippers

Price: $95.00

product description

If you've NEVER used a razor (or HeadBlade) and want to keep your style short, but not razor shaved slick, our new HeadFade Clippers are just what the doctor ordered (no prescription required).