Male Hair Loss Treatments

Going Bald? What can you do to prevent hair loss?

According to studies, a normal human looses around 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. Our hair lasts about 3 to 6 years then follicles grow a new hair in place of the dead hair, but this is only during our teen years.

As we journey onto our 20's, men's testosterone levels are at their highest. That's where we start to get a receding hairline which is due to our hair follicles sensitivity to androgens, which is what as males we product to get male characteristics but affect our hair.

To fight this and help our hairs stay on our heads it's important to use hair treatments that contain: Minoxidil. This ingredient helps stimulate blood flow to our hair follicles.

By our 30's baldness really kicks in due to a byproduct of testosterone called DHT, which destroys our follicles. Not only that but if you are always stressed, stress is a major cause of hair loss. When you are stress your body loses vitamin, minerals and protein which is essential to help keep your hair follicles alive.

Here is quick home remedie for hair loss:

Hair Strengthening Shake

In a Blender:
- Banana
- Honey
- Yogurt
- Low Fat Milk

If all is lost in the end, please don't wear a wig or use a "comb-over" the best alternative is using the bald head style.