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How To Wash Your Bald Head?

You’ve always had hair on your head and used conventional shampoos, but then someday you decided to go bald.  The first time to wash your scalp comes and you say to yourself…. What to do now?

Wanting to wash your bald head for the first time can be little confusing, because you are about to change a long-time habit of your life.  However, don’t despair; be it that you are already bald, or planning to shave your head, there are a couple of things to know to keep your head clean and healthy.

One thing that you have to remember is to use sensitive skin products.  For the first time the scalp is going to be left in the open.  Use a wash or shampoo that treats your scalp nicely.  So the question comes… soap or shampoo?  I think it depends.  Soap may be fine for people who are going “naturally bald”, however do not use body soap.  That kind of soap serves for smelling good and combating bad odor in other paces of the body; instead, use a facial wash or soap.

You can continue using shampoo if you still have hair, but just decided to shave it off.  If in the future you decide to grow back hair again, your head will be much better prepared and nurtured.  

Anyway, with both still massage gently like you would if you had to wash your face.  And that’s it, that’s the beauty of being bald.  It’s very simple.