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Hair Loss Treatments 101

When deciding to tackle the subject of hair loss in your life, you need to begin by choosing your best weapon.  Treatments for hair loss have sprouted many times over the years, some with great success, and others with more complaints than sales.  Here are the types of hair loss treatments available today:

Topical Hair Loss Treatments

Topical means it is applied directly on the surface, like a shampoo that you wash later or a cream that you leave there throughout the day.  Many people have had success with topical treatments, but most of them can have side effects that worse the condition. You have to use them with care and following all the directions. Always consulting with a doctor first.

Among these topical treatments, are natural products, based on the properties of herbs and plants that also include plenty of vitamins and nutrients.  These are safer than chemical based hair loss treatments, because they have (by far) fewer side effects.

Oral Medications for Hair Loss

You may have heard abour Propecia.  This is an oral medication used to treat hair loss on men.  This is for men’s only.  People using this medication have found most success re growing hair on the top of the head and mid-scalp area. 

As with any medication, use it with the advice of a doctor.  Propecia can have an impact on your sex life by decreasing sex drive, and also could cause infections and rash.  More serious side effects include swelling, high sensitivity on certain areas and lumps.  The effects on women can be awful.  If a pregnant woman gets in contact with Propecia’s active ingredients, she could have male baby with anomalies in his sexual organs.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Surgical methods include hair transplants, where healthy hair follicles are transplanted to your scalp, promoting hair growth.  This is an expensive treatment for hair loss, but in most cases it is permanent.  You may suffer irritation and infection after the surgery but this is treatable.

Other surgical option is called “hair cloning”.  Like Dolly the sheep, your hair follicles are cloned, and then are implanted in bald areas of your hair.  Save plenty of cash for this one.


As you see you have a good amount of options to fight baldness.  Though you have to take in account all the pros and con, the decision is up to you.  If you want to avoid the risk of side effects, you could also try other methods to “hide” your hair loss like using hair pieces.  If you want to know more about hair loss read our hair loss articles.