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Girls Like Bald Heads

Francis Capra, Bruce Willis and even Pickup Artist Neil Strauss is doing it. What am I talking about? Shaving thier head, going bald, becoming a baldy.

In case you haven't noticed, females of all ages have been shifting their idea of what makes a man hot. Women everywhere have learned that hair doesn't make the man. In fact, some hairstyles on men can be off putting. And yes, women would prefer that a man embrace his hair loss issues rather than hide behind a horrible comb over, cheap rug or poorly placed plugs.

Many women don't judge a book by its cover and thus don't really care if the man that they have chemistry with has a head full of curls or a completely bald head. A man who is confident, regardless of the amount of hair he has or doesn't have, is hot.

Bald Men Poll

I used to think that only women over 30 had that opinion but even females in their teens have increasingly fallen for hotties with shaved heads.

Don't believe me? A recent poll which ran on the front page of at HairBoutique.com asked What Do You Think Of Bald Men?

What Do You Think Of Bald Men?
Bald men are hot 679 25.40%
More into hairy guys 542 20.28%
Personality matters most 383 14.33%
Send Bruce Willis right over 425 15.90%
Does anyone really care? 391 14.63%
Undecided 252 9.47%
Total Replies 2,673  


Bald men who feel really good about themselves exude a sense of strength, confidence, passion and masculinity. Old wives tales state the men with no hair have had their strands burned off because of their overwhelming passion. Whether that is true or not, it adds to the mystique.

Of course, truth be told, women that find bald men sexy do not necessarily find all men sexy. Just as guys that adore blondes don't automatically go for all blondes. A key factor for many women is whether there is unique or significant personal chemistry with a man.

The reality is that when all is said and done, a man's personality coupled with other attraction features will generally outweigh other features including bad hair, no hair or other less than perfect skin, teeth, ears, noses or other external attributes that fade into the background.

Just like some men only want babes with large chest measurements, long legs and perfect tush shapes, other men prefer women who are au natural, short or with a little extra meat on their bones.

Again, that chemistry word definitely comes into play. It doesn't mean that all women that aren't surgically enhanced won't find the man of their dreams nor does it mean that all bald men will strike out with women.

And yes, some females prefer men with fat wallets, flashy cars and a level of fame. Others want guys, hair or no hair, that are kind, treat them respect and love them through thick and thin. Go figure.


One truth is universal. Almost all women love men that are confident, secure and honest who go after what they enjoy in life.

Respect who you are and you'll just naturally feel good about yourself. A sense of pride and individuality is hot. Women are naturally attracted to men that radiate happiness. With or without hair.

Article Thanks to Karen Marie Shelton