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Faux Hawk Hair Style

afro hair Faux is the french word for fake. So this hair style may be properly named “Fake Mohawk”. And this is true, because traditional Mohawk hair style involves shaving the sides of the head.

The faux-hawk is a very popular hair style nowadays, and you can see it on people from all walks of lives. The procedure to have a nice faux-hawk is actually pretty simple and you can have it done in a small amount of time.

1. Grab a styling gel and put it on the sides of your hair evenly using your palms. Be sure to choose a strong styling gel or a product like that to keep your faux-hawk nicely placed throughout the day.

2. Use your hands to start shaping the faux-hawk. You need to make it stand up straight, do this by pulling from the roots upwards. If you find your hair is not strong enough to stand up, help it with the use of a hair iron or a blow dryer. Be careful in this step to avoid damaging your hair.

3. Time to finish it up! Use a strong hold hairspray to give it the final touch. Choose a hairspray suitable for your hair type – read the labels

NOTE: If you have long hair, the process I a little bit more tedious, and doesn’t look as fashionable the short faux-hawk.