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Dandruff - Keep the White Flakes Away

Dandruff can be quite a nuisance when you have them. Imagine not wearing your favorite black color because you are worried that the flakes will show, or worse still, scratching your scalp like crazy. Your scalp can become sore from all the scratching, and it's really not something you want to put up with.

Here are some tips to help you control your troublesome dandruff problem.


Learn to manage stress. The more stress you are under, the worse your dandruff becomes.

Hair dyes

If you experience flaking or inflamed scalp just after your hair coloring session, chances are, the chemicals in your hair dyes are causing the irritation.

Medicated shampoo

Regular shampoo is of no use to dandruff problems. Only anti dandruff shampoos with ingredients like selenium and sulfur are effective against such dry scalp problem.

Use combination shampoos

Some manufacturers have combine conditioners and anti dandruff ingredients into a single shampoo product. You may want to try them as the conditioners can help to care for the scalp while at the same time the anti dandruff ingredients gets to work.

Prescription shampoos

If the medicated shampoo that you buy off the shelf does not work, you may need to turn to your dermatologist for help. That's when stronger treatments like Nizoral or Selsun Rx prescribe by your doctor might help.


Whether you use a medicated shampoo or a prescribed one, you should wash your hair with a regular shampoo first, followed by the anti dandruff later. Use the medicated shampoo not more than twice a week to avoid damaging your hair cuticle unnecessary.

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