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Hair Conditioning

A good conditioner, suited to your hair type, is vital in maintaining healthy hair that shines with life and body. Modern daily conditioners will revitalize and detangle your hair fast so don't try skip this conditioning step - if you're shampooing you ought to be conditioning too.

- Apply the conditioner through the clean hair from roots to ends. All our conditioners work on the scalp skin too (and without clogging the follicles as long as you remember to rinse well), so a gentle massage will help work the conditioner through.

- When you have the time, leave the conditioner on for 3 - 5 minutes for a really deep condition. Longer hair will benefit from combing the conditioner through before rinsing.

- Try rinse the conditioner off using water that's as cool as possible; this closes and seals the hair shaft and follicle, locking in the shine and condition. Just like with shampooing, you should be rinse, rinse, rinsing.