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Choosing the Right Conditioner

Choosing the right conditioner is very important to men.  Men's hair is naturally oilier and use of a daily conditioner helps to keep the scalp and hair clean.  Maybe many men are not accustomed to using hair conditioner, but it is definitely a benefit that gives your hair a much better healthy look.  It is more important to use conditioner, especially  a moisturizing conditioner during cold weather, when all the stuff in the air and low temperatures makes your hair more prone to dry.

Today there is a lot of competition in the hair product market, so you will see that there is also a lot of misleading information.  Some conditioners with exactly the same ingredients claim to have different properties.  Of course companies' representatives will argue this saying that it depends on the amount of the ingredients.  So with all these competition, how to choose the best conditioner option?

Pick one made for your hair type.

This might seem obvious, but many men buy just "a conditioner" without keeping in mind their hair type.  Coarse hair shampoos and conditioners on fine hair actually make it heavier.  My advice: know what you are buying.

You should use a moisturizing conditioner if you have a wave or curl because coarse hair tends to dry more.  On the other hand if your hair is straight and flat, you should use a volumizing conditioner. 

When applying the conditioner, the keywords is "distribution", don't just put the conditioner on top.  Massage your hair and let the conditioner distribute from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

This should help you choose the right conditioner.  Following the "hair type method" you can't go wrong, but if you see the product is not working right.  Stop using it and try another that brings the results you want.