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Black Hair Care Products

There are several steps to achieve the overall health of your hair. Some basic black hair care products should be used for the protection of your hair and should be controlled and regularly and routinely used. They should include a shampoo, a tender hair conditioner and some special moisturizers. Many companies produce black hair care products containing the necessary oils and humidifying conditioners. For example, jojoba seed or coconut oils are very helpful if you want to reduce hair demolition.

Regimen of your hair-care is very important. Do not wash your hair more often than once a week or week and a half. It is better to use shampoo for damaged or dry hair or that which is formulated for black hair. Such rich shampoo cleans softly and does not cripple the perm and color. Special fatty acids renovate sheen and pliability of hair that is damaged by all used chemicals or heat. Clarifying shampoos are also necessary for your type of hair.

Use a special black hair conditioner. Deep conditioners are not like other conditioners. Using a black hair deep conditioner after washing you can feel the appreciable difference, how shiny you hair is. Special black hair deep conditioner's formula adds manageability, sheen and vitality because it contains a proper dose of special protein - Keratin that is rich in cholesterol. Special black hair deep conditioners penetrate into your hair shaft, conditions pores of damaged hair and restores split ends.

Comb the black hair out when you are conditioning it in order to remove any tangles when it is wet and pretty slick.

Black hair care products also include different oils. It is necessary to oil your scalp with natural oils such as shea butter on a regular basis. Use special black hair oils. For your type of hair it is better to use black hair oil every day. It can be used on wet or dry hair. It is very useful during curling, pressing or blow-drying. It makes a necessary thermal barrier that helps, in its turn, to prevent damage, dryness and split ends.

Once a month you should use deep conditioner and hot oil treatment.

It is important to massage the scalp regularly in order to improve circulation. Try to avoid excessive use of black hair care products with petroleum and mineral oils. They can block pores and prevent complete absorption of useful elements.

After physical exercise or hard work it is very important to clean the salt out of the hair especially if you are not going to wash it. You can use daily conditioner from the collection of black hair care products afterwards.

Try to avoid heat. Use a hairdryer as rare as possible. Do not forget to get plenty of water inside and out, remember that moisture is your best friend. Proper diet is very important and useful not just for your hair. Among black hair care products there are many nutritional supplements specifically designed for this type of hair and skin health. On the average, your body needs a great variety of minerals and vitamins to maintain proper functions but there are some which are specific for hair growth, health and good looks.

There is a complete list of minerals and vitamins that prevent loss of hair, improve hair growth and keep it healthy. You can find the list on the internet or just ask your hair care specialist. Of course, just in case you're too lazy, we've printed it out for you:

Group A:

- Biotin: Helps to thicken your hair strands. It is important for producing keratin, prevents hair loss, graying etc.

- Choline: It is necessary for keeping the hair moist.

- Copper: Prolongs a natural hair color.

- Folic Acid: It is important for cell renewal.

- Inositol: Helps to reduce hair falling. Keeps your hair follicles strong and healthy.

Group B:

- Iodine: Improves regulation of thyroid hormone.

- Iron: Reduces balding.

- Manganese: Improves growth of nails and hair.

- Niacin: Regulates scalp circulation, promotes blood flow to hair follicle to improve hair growth.

- Vitamin B5: Promotes hair growth and stimulates new growth. Prevents graying or hair loss.

Group C:

- Riboflavin: Helps with iron absorption and prevents dandruff.

- Thiamine: Improves hair state and prevents hair loss in general.

- Vitamin A: Antioxidant that helps to produce healthy sebum in the scalp keeps moisture in your hair strands.

- Vitamin B-12: Stimulates growth of hair and prevents its loss.

- Vitamin B6: Helps to create melanin that gives hair its natural color.

Group D:

- Vitamin C: Helps to maintain hair and skin health. It is an important antioxidant.

- Vitamin E: Enhances circulation of blood. It is also a very necessary antioxidant.

- Zinc: Promotes hair growth.

So there you go. If you remember to use black hair care products that include clarifying shampoos and deep conditioners, your black will always remain strong and healthy.