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Best Hair Styles for Men

Men's hairstyles may not be as complex as women's but every guy still wants to get the cool and unique look.

It's not just about your hairstyle though, take into account the clothes, age and style you have as well. Also pick a hairstyle that goes with the shape of your face. (Which Men Hair Cut Style is Right for You?)

Also if you have hair loss and have no escape from balding then you best option is to go bald. Learn more about bald head care.

Today's hairstyles can vary from something short and simple or something a bit longer with a messy look to it. Remember to not be cheap when buying styling products; this is the foundation for your hairstyle. Once you have the right haircut having the right hairstyling product for men is essential.

Ok so let's take a look at 3 of the best hairstyles for men this 2008, along with pictures for reference. If you like a haircut you see here to go a well experienced barber and take a picture along with you so they know what you are looking for, ask for recommendations and make sure it goes along with the shape of your face.

buzz cutBuzz Cut / Crew Cut

The buzz cut or crew cut are the best hairstyle for men with oval shaped faces. This hairstyle is simple, easy to maintain but get be very sexy at the same time. This is NOT the best choice if you have an odd shaped head, big ears or any other abnormal features. This is because a buzz cut brings more attention to your facial features, your jaw line and the shape of your head.


men short hairstyleMen's Short Hairstyle - Messy and Spiky

These kind of haircuts are tailored to each men's hairstyle needs it may also be referred to as a "designer buzz cut". This is a good hairstyle for men who don't have a perfect head shape. Hairstylists can leave more hair where needed and vice versa. For this haircut it is best you go to an experienced hairstylist, paying a few extra bucks is well worth the outcome. Also you will need to get a hairstyling product for your new hairstyle as well.


men long hairstyleMen's Long Hairstyle

The best example men should look at for a long hairstyle is from celebrity Ashton Kutcher "70's look". Long hair is also seen as a rebel look, going against the common short hairstyles for men. Careful though, long hairstyles are not the best option for most men, make sure to keep it long but styled. Maintaining longer hairstyles can be trickier and time consuming as well.