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Be Your Own Barber

Most people will benefit from the use of professional tools to go with our professional products. All equipment is an investment that if chosen correctly will save you time, effort and energy.

Cheap hair combs are normally made from hot plastic poured into a double mould. This creates a rough, abrasive edge around the joins which will rip into the hairs cuticles and through to the cortex - not good. Brushes too can contain bristles that are far too abrasive to be beneficial, again ripping through the hairs outer cuticles. Professional hair brush and combs may not be as cheap as you'll find in supermarkets, but they're much gentler on your hair and also designed to last.

If you use a hair dryer, be sure to invest a one that will last. Also if you just don't have time or have a pretty simple style to keep, getting a hair trimmer isn't such a bad idea. You save tons of money on hair cuts and you can even get a little creative yourself or ask a partner to help out in areas you can't see well. Also you hair trimmer can double as a beard trimmer as well.

However, we do recommend you go the hair salon once in a while to get a new style or hair treatment.