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Interview with Bas Rutten

bas ruttenBas Rutten, three time undefeated King Of Pancrase, and the undefeated UFC Heavyweight champion, is a great example for men who want to get a "bald look" or men who already are struttin' the bald style and just need maintanence.

We were able to send our questions over to Bas (thanks to Don by the way) and his response was as quick as his punches. Thanks Bas!

MHCT: You used to have hair on your head. What made you decide to go bald?
BR: Believe it or not, I use to be a model, and I always was busy with my hair. One day it didn't do what I wanted and I got angry, went to the barber and they shaved it off, I looked at myself in the mirror and vouched that I would never grow it back. I liked it right away!

MHCT: Is it true that you are a user of HeadBlade?
BR: Yes I do. I also use their shaving cream and after shaving cream.

MHCT: Did shaving your head bald attract more ladies?
BR: I don't know... but I DO know that a lot of ladies ask me if they can touch it, which is fine by me of course!

MHCT: What would you say are the positives of having a shaved head?
BR: No more drying your hair. you jump in a pool, come out and it's good. You whipe over you head with a towel and it's dry. Great feeling!

MHCT: What would you say are the negatives of having a shaved head?
BR: There are none, when I did it people thought I was a neo nazi though, which of course I am far from, but that was 20 years ago when not a lot of people did it, now it's more accepted.

MHCT: Any tips for guys who are considering shaving their head?
BR: Hope that you have a good shape skull, that's the only thing. Don't hessitate, just do it, it will give you FREEDOM!

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