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Bald / Shaved Head

bald head style

This bald hair style for men involves no hair at all!  The bald style has been growing in strength over the last few years. We even have a section dedicated entirely for bald head care. 

I think this style was made popular by the great Michael Jordan, and since then men, both black an white have used to give themselves a more stylish look. If you are looking for a simple hairstyle for men and have thinning hair or can't avoid baldness then this is a great hairstyle choice for you.

If you are going bald and you start thinking your head looks like the head of George Constanza, I would advise to give a try to this look.  It can erase you some years actually. Many celebrties use this hairstyle including Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel.

To keep your head this way, you have to shave it of course, but be very careful or use special shaving devices such as the Headblade, made specially for head shaving. 

You can also find great shaving creams such as the Bold for Men dry shave gel that lets you shave without the inconvenience of water running down your face. 

As with normal shaving you'll need to give your scalp extra care with toners and moisturizers.  But on the other hand... you'll never need to comb it again!