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Afro Hair Style

afro hair Ah, the afro… a symbol of the 70s, and revitalized in recent years by the music and fashion community.  This is a style that works for men as well as for women and was used by many famous people including Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Ludacris and even Bob Ross!  and spread not only across America but also to the whole western civilization.

The Afro, also called just “fro” is a style that takes advantage of the particularities of black people’s hair (more specifically its kinkiness), to make a ball-like mass of hair around the head.  This is achieved by the use of a hair pick that maximizes the kinkiness of the hair.

Afros at the beginning were deeply linked to the Black Power political movements, and were seen as a symbol.  Today the style is more leaned towards fashion and style, it is common to find afro wigs as costumes and many variations appeared for other races But a good natural afro ALWAYS makes an impression.