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360 Waves

360 waves

The 360 Waves is a style popular among black men who like to have their hair cut short.  It is named after the natural pattern of waves it produces on the head and due to its needs , it a style specific for the texture and nature of black men’s hair. 

Some years ago, it wad discovered that by constantly brushing a short hair cuts, natural waves would seem to appear on the head of the man.  This effect was called “brush waves”.  Today it has evolved with the help of pomades and doo rags, to be the 360 Waves, a professional hair style.

Besides the short hair cut of at least 1 ½ inch , you need the pomade to enhance the look of waves and the doo rags (nylon head scarf) to hold and mold the style.  The final result must be the natural looking pattern of waves.

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